Things you need to know about wheel bearing replacement

Wheel bearings are those essential parts of a car that allow for easy wheel rotation and for keeping the it attached to the axle. Needless to say, neglecting them will not only reduce your vehicle’s lifespan you’ll also be endangering all passengers. Here are some important things to keep in mind when dealing with wheel bearing.
How do I know when to replace wheel bearings?
Most car experts suggest that you get into the habit of replacing wheel bearings at least once a year depending on the level of use. On the other hand, there are some symptoms that can arise that point to faulty bearings and thus the need for urgent replacement. Some of them include:
A strange grinding sound when driving the car – This can point to damaged CV joints or loosened bearings, especially when this occurs during cornering.The car wobbles when in motion – Sometimes, this wobbling can be felt on the steering wheel. Most wobbles can be attributed to damaged tires, suspension, certain parts of the drive train or broken bearingsStrangely uneven tire wear – you should have your bearings looked at because they can be damaged even if the tire wear was caused by a misaligned suspension or chassis.Sudden failure of anti lock braking system – This can point to the fact that the bearings are so damaged that the attached braking sensors have been destroyed.
How much does should I expect to spend?
The associated cost is one of the main reasons why many car owners put off bearing replacement. The average wheel bearing replacement cost can be in the high hundreds of dollars depending on the type of car and the extent of the damage. Micks garage uses diagrams to how just how extensive this seemingly minor repair can be and therefore why the bill is justified.
While is is possible to do this on your own, any experienced car owner will suggest that you have an expert handle it for you. This is because this project requires a lot of specialized tools and experienced labor. It is not just a matter of removing the wheel and changing the faulty bearing. The specialist will have to find all the damages to the drive train the faulty bearings have caused. The faulty parts have then to be replaced according to the manufacturer’s specific instructions. Finally, the car has to be realigned using computers and properly tested on actual roads. You have to be fairly confident in your mechanical abilities to do all this by yourself.
Fortunately, most reputable mechanics will have no problem offering free quotes or giving discounts for serious customers.
What time frame do I have to make the replacement?
Any expert will suggest that you get the wheel bearings replaced as soon as you notice any strange noises coming from the drive train especially when cornering, faulty breaks and the like. Such symptoms show that your car is not only a danger to the passengers but also to any other nearby cars since it cannot be properly controlled even at low speed. It is better to be safe than sorry.
In closing, it is very important to keep your car’s wheel bearings in tip top shape, regardless of the cost or inconvenience.

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